January 21, 2009

Turning 12.

Where did the time go? My son seems to have changed overnight! It's unnerving. Have I done all I intended to do with him by this age? Have I prepared him adequately for the world he will one day inherit? Have I trained him with skills that will serve him well in years to come? Not completely. But we are a work in progress. And today is a new day.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

January 15, 2009

When "marketing" fails.

"Marketing" is a woefully inadequate word to use when marketing.

It’s a catch-all for any number of job descriptions. And rightly so, for the most part. But nine times out of ten the word refers primarily to “sales”. Fine. If you are after a general sales job, just mention “marketing” to prospective recruiters and employers; you’ll be ok.
But the word can also be very misleading; being used to describe any number of vague job opportunities. Be specific in your search. Or be prepared to wade through a sea of dead-end leads. If you are after something specific within the marketing portfolio (e.g. research, product management, communications, metrics, etc.), be precise. Ask questions. Clarify your search.

Then get to the business of marketing yourself appropriately.

January 7, 2009

Blogging for Food.

Blogging, by and large, has not been on my "to do" list. Who has the time? And what good reason do I have to do it? Then it hit me like a stack of corporate restructuring documents.

It's a tool. A means to an end.

I am job searching for the first time in many years, so it might very well be beneficial; especially if it will help in the marketing of...me! If maintaining this blog gets me even one step closer to landing a new gig, then it's worth it.

Yes indeed, I will blog for food.