September 25, 2009

Keeping My Wits About Me.


Love this time of year. Although in Houston one is not likely to see significant color change or feel an extreme temperature drop. But it does dry out a bit, and the mosquitos eventually go away and hide for a couple of days. All the same, it's a nice change from the scorching summers.

The fall also reminds me that time is indeed rolling on, and my job search continues as it has for a significant part of the past year. I've remained busy in a myriad of ways, and I am utterly grateful for the opportunity to reassess, regroup and re-prioritize. In many ways, it's been an invaluable time of growth and a rekindling of the important aspects of life.

I remain steadfast in the hunt. Being idle -- which often leads to discouragement -- is not part of the equation. I have found that the best way to counter disappointment is to get up and find something to do. Someone to help. An issue to solve. A project to complete.

Above all, I press on -- counting those closest to me a sincere blessing. Waiting, as well, for the day I start a full-time contribution to the working world again.

Head up. Eyes focused.
Today is another day -- and I am thankful.