September 28, 2010

The Ideal Job, revisited.

A little over a year ago I posed the question whether or not there was an ideal job for each one of us; a role that could match both our desires and passions with the appropriate skill set, resulting in a productive -- if not downright joyful -- work experience.

Considering that same question some 15 months later, I'm nowhere closer to the answer. On the one hand, I know many who indeed enjoy their work, primarily due to a good match of skills and passion. On the other hand, I encounter countless souls plagued by work that is mundane and meaningless (at least to them).

Where do you fall? What has been your experience with your job? A triumph? A tragedy? Or something in between?

Although the pundits tell us the dark clouds of recession are behind us (at least according to economic data), I fear we still have some ways to go before we are back at full capacity on the job front. Solid, meaningful work can and will be found by many. Some will land great opportunities through no outright effort of their own. Others only by extreme diligence, sweat and prayer (oh yes, prayer). And still others will toil in vain to find a good match.

Just keep moving forward, confident that there are opportunities out there that provide a good living while offering fulfillment and satisfaction. And maybe even a reason to smile.

Don't give up.