May 31, 2011

Ellie's Yard Sale.

For some time now we have been wondering how best to thank Swallow's Nest Children's Home in China for taking care of our daughter Ellie in the year leading up to our adoption of her last May.  We wanted to find a tangible way to show our appreciation.  After much thought, we decided a Yard Sale made the best sense, allowing many of our family and friends to join in our appreciation by donating items for the sale.
We never imagined we would receive so much, and we spent three days in preparation for the yard sale going through all the donations, sorting and pricing them.  We were exhausted, and the sale had not even started yet!  By the time we had arranged everything on the driveway, we had packed things in all the way from the garage to the street.  It was an impressive sight. 
We should have realized we were in for a busy 3 days when shoppers arrived shortly after 6am each morning.  The list of items ranged from treadmills to sofas, desks to game tables, countless toys and games for kids, books and CDs, bicycles, bike carts, misc furniture, baby items, clothes...clothes...and MORE clothes!  We we so blessed to have friends and family helping us with the crowds, pointing out items and assisting with sales.  The weather was warm but uncharacteristically dry and breezy.  In the shade - under the canopy - we enjoyed cold drinks, snacks and encouraging fellowship.
When all was said and done, we surpassed our imagination.  God was faithful in bringing in a significant gift to Swallow's Nest -- just over $2000! We are so thankful to all who played a part in helping us prepare for and manage this event.  From those who let us use trucks and trailers to pick up donations, to those who actually gave donations.  To those who made cookies and brought snacks and cold drinks.  To those whose company made the three days pass quickly.  To those who took what was left over and helped transport it to other places of need. 

We thank you all!