January 22, 2011

Embracing Uncertainty.

Life = Uncertainty.  There are no two ways around it.  We may think we have things figured out; how the future will unfold; a firm grasp on all the plans we've made.  But in the end we know nothing.  We have no idea of what any day may bring forth, or what seemingly insignificant circumstance will arise to change our plans and goals forever.  This reality will either crush us and cause great anguish, or drive us to relinquish control. When such vagaries rise up and slap us in the face we have but two choices:  Run from them or embrace them.  Running works for a while, but ultimately there is no escaping the "fog" of life. There is no growth and no maturing without difficulty. We gain wisdom by walking through adversity, not seeking to avoid it -- even when we don't see the next step clearly. Each action we take will teach us and train us to move forward amidst doubt. 

I read a great book recently which challenged me to remember that life is a labyrinth of decisions and responses. We cannot idle, waiting for what we think might be the best answer. We simply need to make a decision and move forward.