May 25, 2010

Red Couch Photos.

This afternoon our travel group got together for the traditional red couch photos here at the White Swan Hotel. All the babies and children get dressed up in their traditional Chinese clothes for a group shot. The children in our group range in age from 13 mos to 10 years, although I don't think the 10 year old ended up in the picture. He is a sweet boy who was adopted by a family from Alabama that we have enjoyed getting to know. Enjoy the photos. If you have trouble finding Ellie just look for the cutest kid in the picture : )

This morning we had our visa appointment for Ellie and all went well. We should receive her visa by Thursday evening and will be freed up to start the journey home! Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday for us) we go to the US consulate to take the oath. We are SO excited to be just three days away from home!!!