February 17, 2011

New Vibram Bikila LS Review.

(Updated toward the end of this post)

They arrived in the mail yesterday.  I eagerly anticipated my morning run to see how they would feel.  I'm already a fan of the Vibram KSO and previous version of the Bikila, but was looking forward to the subtle improvements of the newest offering.  Namely, the Lacing System.

My first concern was the overall sizing.  Would this model be consistent with previous models (Vibram sizing is very precise; even the smallest mistake can make the shoe unwearable)?  But as suspected, the sizing was spot on.  With the lacing system, the shoe slips on much easier now, able to accommodate a wide variety of foot widths.  In addition, the snugness of the fit can be controlled by a simple tightening or loosening of the speed laces.

All in all, I'm very pleased.  My run was comfortable, as always.  And the shoes were not near as tight as with previous versions.  Very comfortable, and very slick. 

Updated 5/15/2011

I've been wearing the Bikila now for three months and continue to be extremely pleased with them.  They are as comfortable now as they were on day one, with very little sign of wear and tear (nothing more than what you might expect from the high impact areas on the shoe).  My primary use for these shoes is road running; very little trail work. Judging from the wear so far, I would estimate I have another four to six months in these Vibrams before needing to replace.  Compared to your average running shoe, that's a heck of a deal.  If you are looking to go minimal, the Vibram Bikila is an excellent choice for function and comfort. 

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Unknown said...

I bought the same ones, they are on the way, I can't wait to try them. I ran 5 miles last night, the last 2.5 barefoot. I can't wait to run in the VFFs.