June 29, 2009

Transferrable Skills.

Ok, so you're job searching for the first time in a while and suddenly come to realize that you no longer want to do the same thing you've been doing. You'd like to explore new interests or passions. But what about all that experience you have in your particular field? Won't it all go to waste? Won't that mean starting over at the bottom; beginning from scratch?

Of course not. Well, probably not. At least not necessarily.

The key is identifying the skills you already have; the ones you actually enjoy using and building your job search around those. May take a while to list out those particular skills, but you must do it. It's the first step (and probably the most important) of your new job search. Done well, the skill identification exercise will help direct you every step of the way, confirming skills and talents that can be used in a host of functional areas. Listing out your skill set will help you decide between one particular job and another, acting as a "filter" to gauge the appropriateness of any particular job opportunity. Remember, the goal of your search this time around is to find something you both enjoy AND can do well. It may take some time. But take it. You may not get another chance.

Reinventing yourself is not hard. Transferrable skills make it a snap. That is, if you have transferrable skills.

Hint: Everyone does.