May 26, 2009

The Ideal Job.

Does it exist?

On the one hand, I envy those who go to work each day excited, rejuvinated. In fact, I know of many who absolutely love what they do. Well, I know a few.

On the other hand, it's hard to ignore the plain fact that the vast majority of people get up each day with a sense of boredom at best, depression at worst.

Where do you stand on the issue? Is there a perfect job for each of us?

If so, then we job seekers should strive to the utter ends of the earth (literally, if necessary) to find the ideal gig for which we possess both the skill and the interest, even if it means extending our search for weeks, months or even longer.

If it does not exist, we should come to grips with the practical nature of life (that work is indeed work), stop wasting time and merely find a position that is somewhat suitable, even if it is far from ideal, or even enjoyable.

To the extent that it may be possible to find that perfect job, I'm willing to search long and hard. But like most, I do not have endless resources to prolong the search beyond reason. Reality (and maturity, I would argue) is recognizing that when the bills come due, what is "ideal" in a job search and what is "necessary" are two very different things.

Only you can decide what is best for you -- and what you can live with. Life is short. I would hate to spend a large portion of it in mediocrity.

Press on. But let's be wise. Maybe our next job is just a stepping stone to something else. Something better.

We can hope.

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sbrogden said...

Aha! Found you! I have ways of seeing who visits my web site :-) Funny you should have this post - for about half of the nearly 11 years of employment at my current firm, I'm struggled with lack of job satisfaction. Some weeks, I believe I'm contributing to the success of the business - many I know that ain't the case; it's the nature of my job. My dear wife, God's gift to me, wrote me a letter a fwe years back, rebuking me for seeking in my job what nothing on Earth can offer. She pointed me to 1 Thess 5:16-18 and told me to be thankful for my job, my wife, my children, - and the dog (who is always on the wrong side of the door).

To sum up - some jobs are enjoyable, many are not. We who are unprofitable servants of the living Lord have clear marching orders - seek His kingdom, which is not of this world, and be not anxious for food and shelter, make no provision for the flesh, trust in the Lord and seek to bring Him honor and glory with what we have.

Such is impossible for humans. But Christ in me can do these things. So I must die - daily. Ma it be.